IT Nearshoring Solutions

Shorify is a nearshoring company specializing in sourcing a wide range of engineers, developers—including full stack, product managers and more. We serve North American businesses and are committed to finding the right people for your needs.

Shorify provides economical access to the IT skills and expertise needed to support your technology strategies. We meet the highest technical needs with skilled software developers, reliable consultancy and superior customer service. Our mission is to help your business grow, innovate and inspire.

Our nearshore outsourcing experts provide customized solutions to meet your business needs

Our Specialties

Web Application Development

Looking to build a new web or mobile app that will improve your customers’ online shopping experience while integrating seamlessly with your internal systems? Bringing unmatched expertise and a laser focus on full stack frameworks, Shorify is uniquely positioned to create your custom web application on multiple platforms including cloud-based solutions

Mobile Application Design and Development

Shorify is your trusted partner for building and launching your mobile app. Our suite of services includes everything from strategy and consulting to app-store delivery and setup. Not only can we build your app, we can also train your team on the modern tech stacks we use. Partner with Shorify to make your most ambitious vision possible and transform your business.

Technology Stack Migration

Moving all or part of your technology stack to modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React is a challenging task involving organizational, technical, and cultural shifts. Whether Java, .NET, Rails or Python, rewrites have historically been a high-risk endeavor not to be taken lightly.

Shorify helps businesses move outdated or underperforming technology stacks to modern JavaScript frameworks. Our team works to mitigate risk, reuse software, and decouple your tech stack to build a front-end in modern JavaScript.

Application Portfolio Maintenance

Optimizing and maintaining your code doesn’t need to be complicated. At Shorify, we understand that lowering your actual application’s total cost of ownership is a key enabler to your growth. Our team works to manage your application portfolio and integrate all of the technology, tools and standards for a high-performance, long-lasting, cost-efficient solution. This means faster delivery, timely problem solving, improved code performance and ongoing cost control.

Continuous Delivery and Microservices

Continuous delivery offers profound benefits and acts as the glue that keeps all of your digital initiatives together. Shorify can help you accelerate the delivery, learning and feedback process by creating a deployment strategy that aligns and integrates all stakeholders, ranging from the developer’s machine to the production server, so that every single step between written code and final deployment is automated wherever possible.