Technology Staffing Services

Grow your development capacity.

Building modern applications requires an advanced skillset in next-generation web and mobile engineering. Shorify’s experts respond to your needs in a timely manner to provide consistent, high-quality delivery of complex projects.

If web and mobile app development are not part of your core competencies, we can work with your top strategy, design and concept people to deliver your vision. When you partner with Shorify, we will form a custom, cross-functional team that complements your strengths, coaches your in-house staff, and rapidly accelerates the development process.

Our IT staffing service will find the right people for the job.

Recruiting IT employees with well-matched skills doesn't have to be a matter of finding a needle in the haystack. Shorify assists companies in finding highly skilled professionals to address the specialized staffing needs of their projects. Our recruiting services have withstood more than 20 years of identifying and selecting tech talent in multiple industries ranging from supply chain to media to finance to healthcare. We fill roles such as:

  • Senior managers such as, Operations Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Software Development Engineer
        Front-end, back-end, Java, Angular, Nodes, JS, PHP, among others
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers, including UX/UI geniuses
  • SEO Strategists
  • And many more
Why choose Shorify for technology recruitment?
  • We deliver the full recruitment cycle, from candidates’ interviews and selection through contract and workflow planning.
  • We manage a transparent recruitment process for our clients with reliable timelines and business metrics.
  • We deliver insight on our candidates based on project experience, professional references, technology expertise and critical soft skills.
  • We value long-term relationships with our candidates and enterprise clients alike.